Ásgeir Jónasson

A computer science graduate student, focusing on data mining and artificial intelligence. Developer at SAReye, an Icelandic startup company focusing on creating software solutions for SAR and other crisis response teams. Non technical interests include cycling, photography and hiking.

Sveinn Elmar Magnússon

An electronic technician and computer science undergrad, with 14 years of experience in electronics and interest in automation and robotics. I have always had a special connection with water so RoboSub is my kind of robotics. My way of mental reset is a good day of fishing or hunting.

Úlfar Karl Arnórsson

An undergrad in mechanical and energy engineering, with interests in control systems and robotics. After RoboSub I will be working on my thesis and gaining some working knowledge before entering a masters program. Non technical interests are music and cycling.

Emil Már Einarsson

An undergrad in mechatronics engineering. Currently working at Samey ehf in automation solutions with robotics and control systems. Heading to Aalborg University to pursue a graduate degree in engineering. Non technical interests are skydiving, hiking and soccer.


Operations are responsible for the building, wiring and maintenance of RUAUVs various components. They make sure that RUAUV is operational at all times and that all systems, motors and sensors work properly. As the project progresses, members from different groups join Operations.

Mission Control

Mission Control is responsible for the design and implementation of the overall architecture of RUAUVs subsystems; how they communicate with one another, make decisions and cooperate to get the job done. They tie together implementations by Dynamics, Computer Vision and Acoustics.


Acoustics work with hydrophones to pick up and analyze audio signals from the environment, most notably the pinger at RoboSub. At RoboSub, RUAUV must follow an audio signal to surface at the correct location, making accurate calculations of the pinger’s location crucial.

Jóhann Ingi Gunnarsson

A commercial pilot and a computer science undergraduate student, with interests in robotics and artificial intelligence. After RoboSub I will focus on finishing my undergraduate and find a good graduate program. Non technical interests are sport climbing, bouldering, music and soccer.

Bjarki Jóhannsson

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Dynamics are responsible for the mechanics of RUAUV, that its rotation and movements on all axis are accurate, reliable and predictable. To do so, they work with multiple sensors and motors to make sure navigational decisions from Mission Control are carried out properly.