• Operations

    Operations are responsible for the building, wiring and maintenance of RUAUVs various components. They make sure that RUAUV is operational at all times and that all systems, motors and sensors work properly. As the project progresses, members from different groups join Operations.

  • Mission Control

    Mission Control is responsible for the design and implementation of the overall architecture of RUAUVs subsystems; how they communicate with one another, make decisions and cooperate to get the job done. They tie together implementations by Dynamics, Computer Vision and Acoustics.

  • Acoustics

    Acoustics work with hydrophones to pick up and analyze audio signals from the environment, most notably the pinger at RoboSub. At RoboSub, RUAUV must follow an audio signal to surface at the correct location, making accurate calculations of the pinger’s location crucial.

  • Dynamics

    Dynamics are responsible for the mechanics of RUAUV, that its rotation and movements on all axis are accurate, reliable and predictable. To do so, they work with multiple sensors and motors to make sure navigational decisions from Mission Control are carried out properly.

  • Computer vision

    Computer Vision (CV) is responsible for our object recognition algorithms. RUAUVs vision is crucial when navigating and carrying out various missions at RoboSub. Our CV must detect buoys, gates and other objects and accurately report their location, to aid in navigation.